Who We Are
We are a Social Enterprise, passionate about innovation that creates enablement within under served communities via job creation, growth and global competitiveness.

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What We Do
Designing, developing and deploying technology tools to enable under served communities to improve their living conditions through the use of sustainable and creative alternative solutions.

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How We Began
Our movement started on a restaurant napkin while discussing how we could walk away from business as usual and create an enabling environment for youth on a continent abundant in resources.

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Got Game Initiative

GotGameInitiative2The Got Game Initiative is a Social Enterprise rooted in South Africa with a global outlook to addressing the needs of people in under served communities, placed at an unfortunate disposition of being sidelined from participating fairly in a growing offline and online digital economy. In the last few years the Impact Sourcing market which refers to the outsourcing of jobs for poor or vulnerable people with no alternative for employment, has grown to more than $512 billion

These opportunities will enable these young people to equipped themselves with more than a wage but a fair chance at restoring faith in their dreams, ambitions but also dignity. Allowing people to earn money within their communities allows for economic stimulation within their demographic with a spillover of positive contributions to society at large. At Got Game we have embarked on implementing our tactical plan to put both the Youth and SMME’s in touch with resources to fulfill their ambitions and create new mini economies by:

OrangeTickBuilding movable fully equipped innovation conduits that can be brought right to their doorsteps

OrangeTickDelivering a range of targeted training, education, knowledge creation and sharing initiatives

OrangeTickCreating an additional channel to deliver our Partner value-added products and services

OrangeTickEncouraging participation in Global eCommerce and other online networks that allow open and fair bidding opportunities for contract work or tasks.

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